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Family Violence

Mother holding and protecting daughter with angry mans hand about to hit them

The law protects you from Family Violence within your marriage or family environment. We can assist you in identifying the steps you can take and where needed, organise an intervention order against your spouse to keep you and/or your child safe.

The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 is the main legislation that governs domestic or family violence in Victoria. The act defines family violence as behaviour from a family member that is emotionally, sexually, physically, and psychologically abusive and includes any threatening, coercive, or controlling behaviour. 

A family member under this act can be a spouse or former spouse, domestic partner, a relative (father, grandmother, sibling, or cousin), or a person you’ve previously had an intimate relationship with.
Depending on the nature and duration of your relationship, a family member can also be someone who you regard as being like family.

Click here to download Family Law – Services and Support Fact Sheet

NOTE: If you believe that you or a child are in immediate danger, please seek assistance from Victoria Police. 

Intervention Orders provide protection for those who have suffered from family violence. This process can be intimidating and stressful, as it is a particularly emotional situation. 


You can make an application for a family violence intervention order by talking to us, at the Magistrate’s Court or via the Magistrates’ Court website.  
The police are also able to provide short term protection by issuing a family violence safety notice, until your matter is heard in the Magistrate’s Court. 

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