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A mother holding a baby of different nationality indicating adoption and child migration visas.

A child completes the family. For the individuals that cannot conceive, or choose to adopt, we have successfully attained child migration visas for children that have been adopted overseas and the family is looking to return to Australia.

We will consult with you, assess your paperwork and suggest the best method available for you to be successful with your application.

We will complete all relevant documents, apply for ancillary reports and lodge these with the necessary departments. We have the expertise to understand what the requirements of each applicant would be and apply on that basis. We know what information we should send that would support your application and what information would hinder it. Migration laws are very complex. 

For a payment of only AU$500 +GST, our trusted migration agents who work with our parent company Antippa Lawyers, can determine the complexity of the case. This will then enable us to give you an estimation of our costs for the visa application. Our costs are determined after we assess your application and determine the complexity of the case. Contact us today.

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